The top 10 Blogs from 2018

Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Here are the top 10 blogs from 2017, chosen by thousands of readers like you. They’re chock-full of ideas to make your marketing more successful next year.

Thanks for reading, thanks for asking questions, and have a great 2018!

1. How to Keep Content Marketing on Message – Always

Boil down your business story to just 7 seconds with a Message Map.

How can you keep your message consistent when you address multiple audiences? When people in separate business units, departments, various agencies and freelancers generate content? To make your company message clear, concise and consistent, start by creating a Message Map.


2. 34 Marketing Ideas from Top Telecom CMOs

43 Ideas from Leading CMOs
There’s an idea worth stealing in here: 43 ideas from leading telecom CMOs

I interviewed the world’s leading telecom marketers for the Marketing Upside column in Global Telecoms Business magazine. This blog cherry-picks great marketing ideas from telecom CMOs such as Chris Williams, Richard Bäcklin, Suzi Williams, Rita Okuthe and more.


3. Free Template for a 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy

1-Page Content Marketing Strategy
Your strategy for content marketing is easier to write when it fits on one page.

A written content marketing strategy makes you 4 times more successful than your competitors who lack a written strategy. Yet 2 out of 3 marketers lack a written strategy. Simplify your strategy by boiling it down to one page with this free template.


4. 5 Ways to Speed the Buyers’ Journey from Content to Cash

How to Speed the Journey from Content to Cash
These 5 ideas will speed your journey from content to customers to cash.

Watch this video from my talk at Content Marketing World to learn how the right mindset, the right questions, bold insights and inventive answers can speed your company’s journey from content marketing to cash.


5. What Is A Message Map?

Message Map Anatomy
Message maps focus on 1 main message (home base), plus 3 positive points.

Hook your audience in 7 seconds with a clear, concise, consistent message. Use the magic of a Message Map to answer audiences’ eternal question: what’s in it for me? (WIIFM?)


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6. How to Deliver Consistent Content Marketing to All Buyer Personas

The Right Message
The right message hits the sweet spot, where the needs of customers, investors and employees intersect.

B2B marketers know: the average-sized buying committee usually bogs down and sticks with the status quo, instead of buying. Here’s how to deliver content that moves buyers to action, while keeping your company message consistent throughout the process.


7. 5 Insights into Buyer Personas for Your Content Marketing

Buyer Personas helps marketers tend their authority by becoming customer experts.
Adele Revella's book Buyer Personas is a great guidebook for content marketing.

If you only knew what buyers do behind the scenes, you’d have insights to shape marketing strategy, meet audiences where they are, help buyers overcome
obstacles, and close more business. That’s what buyer personas are all about, as you’ll find in this book review of Adele Revella’s Buyer Personas.


8. They Ask You Answer: Book Review

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan
They Ask You Answer, a new book by Marcus Sheridan, offers a brilliantly simple approach to content marketing -- focused on customer questions.

My favorite book on content marketing from 2017 was They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. It proposes a radically transparent approach to marketing – find out and answer every customer question, even the ones that make marketers squirm with fear competitors will find out their secrets.


9. Can You Hook Customers’ Attention in 7 Seconds?

Get to the Gist
Hook your audience's attention in the first 7 seconds with a Message Map.

When people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, what’s a marketer to do? Find a way to hook people’s attention in 7 seconds, 23 words or less, with a Message Map.


10. Free Guidebook: Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing

Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing
Learn 7 ways to fast-forward your content marketing with this free guidebook.

Some marketers try to speed success by skipping 1 or more of the 7 essential steps in content marketing. But you’re too smart for that because you downloaded the free guidebook Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing, a companion to my content marketing workshop.


Bonus: Predictions for 2018!

2018 Content Marketing Prediction
One of 60+ predictions about content marketing in 2018 from Joe Pulizzi's blog.

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