How do you start formulating a content marketing strategy?

Free Template for a 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy

What is a 1-page marketing plan?

A one page marketing plan simplifies your content marketing strategy and intensifies its focus. It offers these advantages:

1. It crystallizes and focuses your strategy.
2. It enables you to gain faster, stronger buy-in from executives and clients.
3. It’s easily shared to keep all your content producers aligned.
4. It provides a written content marketing strategy. That puts you miles ahead of most marketers, who lack a written strategy.

My guest blog on how to write your 1-page content marketing strategy appears on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

Ditch the big binders of strategy. No one uses them day to day.

Here’s a free 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy Template to create your content marketing strategy:

1-page Content Marketing Strategy Template
Write your strategy on 1 page to get it clear and aligned.

Use your strategy to guide your content marketing every day.

You can use the same 1-page content marketing plan template to strategize each marketing component, including:

• Blogs
• Website
• Social media
• Trade shows and events
• Demos
• Videos and presentations
• Infographics
• News media relations
• Customer magazines.

With 1-page plans, it’s easier to keep all your marketing flowing.

One-page plans align content marketing activities to take customers from curiosity to conversation to conversion.

I’m grateful to my mentor, Dick Notebaert, for teaching me the value of 1-page plans. As CEO at Ameritech and Tellabs, he expected strategies on any critical matter to fit on one side of one piece of paper.

With 1-page plans, we could focus fully on the real issues. He’d challenge my thinking, down to the exact word, to sharpen up the plans.

Our discussions were brief and robust. With 1-page plans, he could make decisions crisply and quickly.

In a world where the average American has an 8-second attention span, 1-page plans work like magic to get and keep your clients’ attention.

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