7 Ways to Bring Simplicity to Your Content Marketing

Do we marketers create too much work for ourselves?

Absolutely, yes.

We have the power to do less work and make marketing more effective. Simplify your content to save time and money.

einstein-simplify-quote - simplify content
Einstein’s advice: Simplify, but not too much.

Less does more.

When you act strategically, less does more. Focus on what’s critical.

Simplify your content. Streamline content marketing by taking 7 strategic steps.

These are 7 steps I teach in my workshop, Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing:

  1. Develop your content marketing mission. Use it as a litmus test for content.
  2. Write a simple 1-page strategy for content marketing. Ditch the big binders.
  3. Audit your content and your competitors’ so you can offer the best answers to customers’ questions on the Internet.
  4. Research buyer personas to gain a deep understanding of what buyers need. Deliver it.
  5. Overcome short attention spans. Hook your audience in 7 seconds with a Message Map.
  6. Map content to the buyers’ journey. Deliver the content buyers need at each step.
  7. Gather all-in analytics. Hypothesize on trends. Test and experiment to improve results.

“As marketers seek to understand how to better connect with their consumers, the 7 steps to content marketing provides the simplified, attainable approach,” a workshop participant said.

“Putting content marketing into a context I can explain to my stakeholders has always been hard,” said another. “Fast Forward Your Content Marketing gave me great tools and insights on how to keep content relevant, scalable, and pitchable.”

Simplify your content. Streamline your marketing.

Let’s eliminate unnecessary work for ourselves – and for buyers.

How can we save work? Simplify content? And streamline marketing?

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Enough said!