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Top 10 Blogs of 2016 on Marketing Messages and Content Marketing

The Right Message - marketing messages & content marketing
The right marketing message hits the sweet spot, where the needs of customers, investors and employees intersect.

The top 10 blogs you chose to read in 2016 focused on marketing messages & content marketing.

You zoomed in on 3 problems that vex and bedevil marketers every day:

• How to build a simple marketing message
• How to address multiple buyer personas with one consistent message
• How to write a content marketing mission statement.

Here are your top 10 blogs of 2016:

Create A Great Marketing Message: Inquire Before You Inform How can you make your marketing message even more persuasive? The better you know your audience, the stronger your message will be.

Tim Riesterer
Tim Riesterer asks thought-provoking questions about your marketing message.

One Company. Many Stakeholders. How Many Messages? How do you create a message that addresses customers, employees, investors and communities – without stoking stakeholder conflicts? Use a 1-page Message Map.

Which Marketing Message Prevails? Quick Quiz Tim Riesterer tested 4 ways to present your marketing message to customers. Here’s how to increase the uniqueness of your pitch by 50%.

Who Needs A Content Marketing Mission Statement? Most marketers still don’t have a content mission editorial statement, says the Content Marketing Institute. Use my free template to create your content marketing mission statement in just one hour.

Tripp Frohlichstein
Tripp Frohlichstein of Media Masters co-created Message Maps. He gives great guidance on how to find your home base message.

With Message Maps, Intel Helps Simplify Product Positioning Days after learning Message Maps, Intel marketers started using them to define product positioning. Message Maps helped make the review process much quicker and easier.

Make Your Message Even Simpler Remove all unnecessary parts of the message, so it’s simple enough to break through to buyers. Ask: Do customers need to know? Will they understand? Do they care?

Bring Your Message Home to Audiences This interview with Tripp Frohlichstein, co-inventor of the Message Map, focuses on how to make your main marketing message – your home base – great.

Storytelling Is Who We Are: The Storyteller’s Secret Carmine Gallo’s new book may be the best $28 you can invest in your marketing message this year. How to use storytelling and stories to ignite your inner fire, educate, simplify, motivate and launch movements.

Put the whole choir behind your message
A Message Map gets everyone on the same page, so your message is backed up by the whole choir.

How Message Maps Make Your Content Marketing Sing People ignored most of the messages they received today. How can you get your whole company aboard – singing from the same songbook – to amplify your marketing message?

Simple, Streamlined Messages Succeed Forget about sending buyers multiple messages. Neuroscience shows it won’t work. To break through, focus on one home base message, supported by 3 or 4 positive points.

Shout out: here’s a big “thank you” to my blog readers, workshop participants and clients! I’m grateful for everything you helped me learn over the past year.

Here is Carmine Gallo’s book, The Storyteller’s Secret, boiled down to a 1-page Message Map.

I can’t wait to learn more from you next year. Have a happy holiday season and a great New Year!