To capture attention, boil down your message

What You Taught Me About Content Marketing: Boil It Down!

Lessons about content marketing.

As I analyze the content you shared most on social media over the past year, I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks!

You taught me 2 big lessons in 2015.

1.) You really like to share pithy content, such as:

Content Overload: When You Produce More Content Than Consumers Can Consume
Marketers produce more and more content, but the amount of attention customers can pay has maxxed out.

2.) You like to share content that makes your marketing better, such as:

Thanks for sharing my blog! Sharing makes us all smarter. I look forward to learning with you in the year ahead.

Drum roll: Here’s the content from the B2B Content Marketers blog that you shared the most on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in 2015, in rank order:

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Thanks, happy holidays, and have a great 2016!