Top 10 blogs of 2018

Top 10 Blogs of 2018

With your clicks, thousands of marketers like you chose the top 10 blogs of 2018.

This year, you focused on how to get even better at marketing with Message Maps, content marketing, ideas and strategy. You also followed my blog series that answers the Top 100 Questions about content marketing.

These blogs can help you have an even more successful 2019. Wishing you joy and prosperity in the year ahead!

Message Maps Help You Tell A Better Story
Many of the top 10 blogs of 2018 were about how to create your message on a Message Map.

How to keep content marketing always on message

How can you keep your message consistent when you address multiple audiences … especially when people in separate business units, departments, various agencies and freelancers generate content? To make your company message clear, concise and consistent, start by creating a Message Map.

34 marketing ideas from top telecom CMOs

I interviewed the world’s leading telecom marketers for the Marketing Upside column in Global Telecoms Business magazine. This blog cherry-picks great marketing ideas from telecom CMOs such as Chris Williams, Richard Bäcklin, Suzi Williams, Rita Okuthe and more.

The top 10 Blogs from 2018
A video of my Content Marketing World presentation was one of the top 10 blogs of 2018.

5 ways to speed the buyers’ journey from content to cash (video)

Watch this video from my talk at Content Marketing World to learn how the right mindset, the right questions, bold insights and inventive answers can speed your company’s journey from content marketing to cash.

Marcus Sheridan & George Stenitzer
One of the top 10 blogs of 2018 was about Marcus Sheridan’s book, They Ask You Answer.

They Ask You Answer: book review

My favorite recent book on content marketing is They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. It proposes a radically transparent approach to marketing – find out and answer every customer question, even the ones that make marketers squirm with fear that competitors will find out their secrets.

1-Page Content Marketing Strategy Template
One of the top 10 blogs of 2018 is a free template to frame your one-page content marketing strategy.

Free template for a 1-page content marketing strategy

People avoid writing a marketing strategy because it seems too hard. Simplify your strategy by boiling it down to one page with my free template. A written content marketing strategy makes you 4 times more successful than competitors, says Joe Pulizzi.

Top 100 content marketing questions
One of the top 10 blogs of 2018: the answers to marketers’ top 100 questions about content marketing.

How do you start formulating a content marketing strategy? (Top 100 question)

Follow a step-by-step formula to create a content marketing strategy that works, gains buy-in, and starts pulling you ahead of competitors who lack a strategy. Use my free template to get your content marketing strategy on the right track. Download the 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy Template PDF.

Top 100 content marketing questions answered (Top 100 question)

Marketers asked over 1,600 questions in my content marketing workshops. Inspired by Marcus Sheridan, I answer your Top 100 Questions in my blog, one by one. So far, I’ve addressed 63 questions. I’ll keep answering your questions in 2019.

With Message Maps, Intel helps simplify product positioning

How to use Message Maps to do 3 product positioning jobs:

  • Reach agreement inside your company.
  • Gain agreement from multiple decision-makers in your customer’s company.
  • Win approval from your customer’s top executives.
10 Ways to Test a Marketing Message - Infographic
One of the top 10 blogs of 2018: 10 ways to test your Message Map, to be sure it’s ready before roll-out.

10 ideas to test a new marketing message before launch (infographic)

Avoid regrets about your new marketing message. Before you roll it out, test it 10 ways to make sure it’s really ready to go. It’s easy with this infographic.

How to deliver consistent content marketing to all buyer personas

Whenever you have multiple decision-makers involved in a purchase, you need a message that resonates with each one – while staying completely consistent. Here’s how to crack that nut.

Hope you have a great 2019!