Top 10 blogs of 2018

Marketers Prove Curious about Messaging, Content, and Presentations in 2023

Thank you for being among thousands of marketers who read our blogs. Your reading habits revealed which topics you’re most interested in this year.

These are the blogs you read most: our top 10 from 2023.

Tap into the power of story to spread your marketing message.
  1. Our book review and summary of Carmine Gallo’s book The Storyteller’s Secret help you create persuasive messages. “Ideas that catch on are wrapped in story,” Gallo observes.
  2. What Is a Message Map? Learn how to hook your audience in 7 seconds by answering their question What’s in It for Me? Then give your audience 3 reasons to believe you.
  3. 52 Quotes on Marketing come from marketing thought leaders such as Linda Boff, Steve Liguori, Juan Corsillo, Robert Rose, Michael Brenner, Andy Crestodina, and Tim Reisterer. Their wisdom and advice pay off year after year.
    top 100 content marketing questions answered
    Get the answers to marketers’ Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing.
  4. Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing, Answered. Out of 2,100 questions marketers asked about content marketing, we found and answered the top 100 questions on topics such as organization, strategy, relevance, distribution, conversion, and measurement.
  5. What Size Should My Marketing Team Be? That’s a tough question. Consider the needs of the business and market, the marketing department’s relationships with other departments, the budget, and whether to work with an agency or focus in-house.
  6. 84 Questions to Spark Your Business Story: When you co-create your brand’s Message Map with sales, R&D, and other partners, these questions serve as thought starters to expand your message to new frontiers.
    Where to begin your content marketing? 3 ideas
    To spark your differentiating brand message, ask great questions.
  7. One Company, Many Stakeholders, How Many Messages? Avoid creating unnecessary conflicts among audiences by serving each a different message. Instead, create one high-level Message Map that conveys clear benefits to all of your brand’s stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, communities, and more.
  8. What Are the Most Popular Types of Content Marketing? This is one of the Top 100 Questions on content: What types of content marketing assets are created most often? Which bring you the most success? Answers from the 2023 Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs B2B survey.
  9. Keep Content Marketing on Message. When you serve multiple market segments, it’s a hard to stick with one clear, concise, consistent, and compelling message. But when you do, the rewards are fantastic. Here’s how.
  10. The Golden Rule of Speaking: Respect Your Audience. Honor the Golden Rule by showing your audience how much you respect them. Tell your story, practice enough to make it perfect, build your Message Map, and avoid behaviors that could undermine your credibility.

With these questions and answers, you’re ready to achieve even bigger successes in the year ahead. We wish you Happy Holidays!