10 Ways to Test a Marketing Message - Infographic

10 ideas to test a new marketing message before launch – Infographic

How to test a marketing message before launch

How do you know if your marketing message works?

Before you roll out a new marketing message, make sure it’s ready to go. Here are 10 ideas you can use to test your marketing message before it goes live.

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10 ways to test a marketing message 

10 Ways to test a marketing message

Before you roll out the message to sales and customers, ask these 10 questions:

  1. Does your message focus on one main home base? People will remember if your message is concise, clear and consistent.
  2. Does the message include “what’s in it for me”? Tell customers what is in it for them right away!
  3. Can the message hook your audience in 7 seconds? Use your message map and back up the home base message and boil it down to 7 seconds.
  4. Is the message always truthful and factual?  What ever your say, tell the truth.
  5. Does it speak the customers language, instead of your jargon? Avoid industry acronyms and jargon.
  6. Do you offer social proof for your message? Offer customer rankings, ratings, quotes and other social proof.
  7. Does the message address the buyers unconsidered needs? Help your buyers discover the needs they aren’t aware of.
  8. Is the message kept consistent and credible? People equate consistency with credibility.
  9. Does the message answer the question why? Customers want to know why.
  10. Is the message positive, inspiring and uplifting? Stay positive! Avoid words like no, never, can’t.

If your message addresses all 10 questions, congratulations! It’s ready to go to market!

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