How Content Marketing Helps Marketing and Sales Win Together [Infographic]

How can Marketing and Sales win more?

How can Marketing help Sales get more wins on the scoreboard — more customers, more deals and more revenues?

Marketing and Sales work best as a team that works and wins together. Content marketing holds many opportunities for Sales and Marketing to achieve a win-win as it:

When Marketing and Sales work together, you win more customers, deals and revenues.
  • Makes buyers smarter
  • Generates sales support materials
  • Gets prospects well-qualified before they’re handed off to sales.

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Remember: Sales is coin-operated.

Anything that puts more money in their wallets, Sales will likely embrace. As customers go forward, more and more of Sales’ success will depend on content marketing.

When you see your business through the eyes of Sales, 3 things stay in razor-sharp focus – customers, revenue and commissions. Does your content marketing help Sales:

  • Educate buyers?
  • Find good customers?
  • Nurture and close deals?

Even if you can’t gain instant buy-in from the head of Sales, you may be able to find a sales manager in a segment or geographic market who wants to win more often and will welcome Marketing’s help. Making one sales manager extra-successful creates demand among other sales managers for Marketing attention.

Successful marketers are taking these steps to build bridges with Sales:

  • Help Sales see how buyer behaviors are changing.
  • Involve Sales in co-creating a content marketing platform.
  • Convert content marketing assets into useful face-to-face sales tools.
  • Share the risk and credit for results such as sales, customers and revenue.

Here’s an infographic with 10 ideas for how to work with Sales to achieve a win-win with content marketing. Choose 1 to 3 that fit your situation best so Marketing and Sales win more customers, more often.

Here’s a blog with more on how to sell the value of content marketing to Sales.