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Top 10 Posts from the B2B Content Marketers’ Blog

Thank you, content marketers! The blogs you read most during my first year of writing the B2B Content Marketers’ blog have taught me a lot. So have your questions.

The Top 10 blogs are focused on content marketing knowhow, in particular:

• How to build a message map for content marketing
• How to understand buyer personas and the buyer’s journey
• How to set content marketing strategy
• How to get started in content marketing.

Here are the Top 10 blogs from year one:

1. How to Keep Content Marketing Always on Message. A primer on how to create and use 1-page Message Maps.

Address technical buyers' needs by color-coding the content that's relevant to them.
Address technical buyers’ needs by color-coding the content that’s relevant to them on your Message Map.

2. 5 Ways to Speed the Buyers’ Journey from Content to Cash. How to map content to the buyers’ journey.

3. How to Deliver Consistent Content Marketing to All Buyer Personas. How to use message maps to address different buyer personas and stay consistent.

4. How Does A B2B Company Start Content Marketing? What you need to know about buyer personas, the buyers journey, content audits, content marketing strategy, message maps and editorial calendars.

5. Free Template for a 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy. Marketers with a written strategy are twice as effective as those without one. Here’s a handy tool.

Infographic - Match Content to the Buyer's Journey
Map content to each step in the buyers’ journey to speed it along.

6. 5 Steps to Map Content Marketing to the Buyers’ Journey. How to make content that leads your buyers step by step through the buying journey.

7. Content Marketing: 7 Ways To Break Through in 7 Seconds. How to make content marketing that works, despite customers’ short attention spans.

8. How Short Attention Spans Confound Content Marketing. How a 1-page content marketing strategy helps you keep your executives focused.

9. How AT&T CMO Cathy Coughlin Keeps Content Marketing Fresh. A salute to one of the content marketing pioneers, who recently retired.

10. Content Marketing: Magnify the Problem, Spur Buyers to Act. What to do when buyers hesitate to take the first step – acknowledging they have a problem that needs to be addressed.

I’ll write more on these topics in the year ahead.

Remember, your questions are always welcome!


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