How do you say ‘no’ to unwanted advertising?

Do you avoid advertising sometimes?

Consumers are bombarded by about 5,000 messages a day. As a marketer, your message has to break through the other 4,999 to reach your customers.

Customers have many ways to avoid the advertising they don’t want.

How do you avoid unwanted ads? Take our 1-minute survey, and we’ll share the results in a future blog.

You have every right to avoid bad ads – and to receive useful content. That’s why I believe content marketing has a great future.

At its best, content marketing delivers truly useful information and entertainment. It’s the marketing your customers actually want.

To help your content marketing break through, even when people are avoiding ads, follow these 5 keys:

1. Customers’ permission is gold. Appreciate it with customer-centric content.
2. Give customers what they want – useful, helpful, entertaining content.
3. Keep your customers’ names and addresses up to date.
4. Earn attention in the first 7 seconds.
5. If you apply Big Data, be smart about it.

For more on how consumers are saying “no” to unwanted advertising, see my guest blog at the Content Marketing Institute.

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