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10 Marketing Ideas to Help You Leapfrog the Competition in 2020

Top 10 Blogs of 2019

Here are the 10 most-read Simplify Marketing blogs from 2019. Use the ideas in them to leapfrog the competition in the year ahead.

These blogs will help you create a powerful marketing message and boost the effectiveness of your content marketing. 

1. What Is a Message Map?

Learn how to use a Message Map, a simple visual message framework. Boil down your message to 7 seconds and 23 words, then scale it up as needed. 

See what to say and say what you mean to keep your message clear, concise, and consistent. Here’s how. 

2. How Can You Keep Your Content Marketing Always on Message?

Get everyone in your company on message with a Message Map. How to make your message completely consistent, even in a Fortune 100 company. 

Includes examples from the Virgin Chicago Hotel and The Home Depot.

3. They Ask You Answer: Book Review 

Marcus Sheridan’s book They Ask You Answer shows how to use content marketing to educate customers with radical honesty. “Listen, teach and problem-solve to earn buyers’ trust,” Sheridan writes.

Includes a one-page summary of the book on a Message Map. 

4. 34 Marketing Ideas from Top Telecom CMOS

Here’s a roundup of 34 ideas from telecom marketing experts, including CMOS.

For example, Richard Bäcklin advises, “Make sure customers and employees understand your purpose. Focus on the future and what users need.”

5. Test Your Message Before Launch: Make It Clear, Compelling, Consistent & Concise

Infographic: Here you’ll find 10 ways to test your message before rolling it out to the market. 

Use these tests to ensure your message fits the audience and addresses their big question, What’s In It for Me?

6. Top 100 Content Marketing Questions Answered

Over 5 years, marketers have asked me thousands of questions in content marketing workshops. 

Here you’ll find the Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing – each answered in a blog. 

7. 5 Ways to Speed the Buyer’s Journey from Content to Cash

Video from Content Marketing World. To maximize results from content marketing: See the world through customers’ eyes. Clear the buyers’ path. Cast your content in a clear role. 

Plus, 2 more ideas to speed up the results you can get from content marketing. 

8. The Secret’s Out: Content Marketing Is Actually a New Business Model

Content marketing is much more than a marketing approach. It’s actually a new business model, as Joe Pulizzi demonstrates in his book Content Inc.

If you only read one book on content marketing, this should be it. If you don’t have time to read a book, here’s a 1-page summary of a Message Map.

9. Free Template for a 1-Page Content Marketing Strategy

2 out of 3 marketers lack a written content marketing strategy. You don’t need a 3-inch binder to capture your strategy: fit it on one page.

Use our free template to help you frame a content marketing strategy on one page. Create a strategy so crisp, that even your CEO is willing to read it! 

10. 4 Ways to Use Power Words to Supercharge Your Message

Supercharge your message by adding power words.

Use these powerful words to help your marketing message jump off the page and into your customer’s hearts and minds. 

In May, I’ll speak at Ignite USA on how to use AI to leapfrog competitors with content marketing.

10 Marketing Ideas to help you Leapfrog the Competition in 2020

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