Video: Speed Your Buyer’s Journey with Content Marketing

Now, here’s a new video of “Speeding the Journey from Content to Cash,” my talk on B2B demand generation at Content Marketing World.

The buyers’ journey is risky, like crossing a river on stepping stones. Your content marketing success depends on:

  • Understanding the buyer’s journey
  • Seeing through customers’ eyes
  • Clearing the buyers’ path
  • Applying the right content marketing skills and tools
  • Casting content in the right role
  • Creating a content culture.

This 30-minute presentation is followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers:

Here’s more information for you on speeding the buyers’ journey:

  • My presentation
  • blog on the presentation
  • The infographic below, Speed your buyers’ journey, which spells out what buyers are trying to do during the buying journey, what questions they ask and what answers marketers need to supply.

Infographic - Match Content to the Buyer's Journey

What questions do you have about how to speed buyers’ journey from content to cash? Send me a question now and I’ll address it in a future blog.

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