Measure the value of content marketing mission statement to leapfrog competitors

Top blog topics of 2020 included content marketing in pandemic times

The top blog topics of 2020 included content marketing in pandemic times.

Our top 20 blogs in 2020 offered guidance on how to:

  • Do marketing in pandemic times
  • Leapfrog competitors with strategic content marketing.

Bonus: Here’s my prediction for content marketing in the year ahead.

2021 content marketing prediction

Want more? Read 100+ predictions from content marketing gurus in the Content Marketing Institute blog. 

Marketing in Pandemic Times

Our top 2020 blogs on marketing in pandemic times are:

  1. Mixed Messages Are Needlessly Killing People. Clear messages save lives.
  2. Your Calm, Care, and Generosity Will See You Through. In a pandemic, take care of yourself and the people in your life.
  3. Presenting Virtually? 4 Tips for Using Visual Aids Well. Keep your audience engaged. Here’s how.
  4. Virtual Presentations: What You Need to Know to Succeed. Here’s how to adapt.
  5. Debriefing: The Critical Crisis Communications Step You Need to Take Now. Write down what you learn from today’s crisis, and you’ll make future crises go smoother.
  6. Content Marketing in Tough Times: Stay True to Your Brand Voice. Consistency counts, especially now.
  7. Do Your Internal Communications Meet Your Employees’ Needs? What companies say to employees matters more than ever before.
  8. Preserve the Customer Experience During Times of Change. Here’s how.
  9. Golden Rule of Speaking: Respect Your Audience. Put audiences’ needs first.
  10. Presenting Virtually? Don’t Skip the Dry Run. Practice makes perfect.

Content Marketing

Our most-read blogs on content marketing during 2020 include:

  1. What Is a Message Map? How to hook your audience in 7 seconds.
  2. How to Keep Content Marketing Always on Message? Consistency matters.
  3. 10 Ideas to Test a New Marketing Message Before Launch. Infographic with 10 ideas.
  4. 34 Marketing Ideas from Top Telecom CMOs. Pick the brains of industry leaders.
  5. Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing. Find answers to your questions on content marketing by topics – organization, strategy, relevance, distribution, conversion, and measurement.
  6. 4 Ways to Use Power Words to Supercharge Your Message. The right words energize your message.
  7. 84 Questions to Spark Your Business Story Where to start telling your story? These prompts will help you.
  8. How to Communicate Strong Opinions Without Offending? Talking in tricky times.
  9. How to Convey Something Very Complex in Content Marketing? Simplify your message to get your point across.
  10. What Are the Most Popular Types of Content Marketing? See what other marketers are doing.

We wish you a safe, joyful, and better New Year. Take care!