Top 10 Blogs on Message Maps

“Where can I learn more about Message Maps?”

That’s a question I hear from people who learn to use Message Maps in my workshops.

Message Maps enable you to deliver a clear, concise, consistent business message in as little as 7 seconds, 23 words or less. Message Maps are easy to learn, and they’ll make you a better business storyteller.

If you’re new to Message Maps, a great place to start is:

What Is A Message Map? Tell Your Business Story Better

A Message Map is a communications tool that helps you become a better business storyteller. It simplifies and streamlines your story, boiling it down to 1 page.

If you’ve already learned about Message Maps, these 10 blogs on Message Maps will help you become a master storyteller:

Put the whole choir behind your message
A Message Map gets everyone on the same page, so your message is backed up by the whole choir.

How to Keep Content Marketing on Message – Always

A Message map will help you keep all your content marketing on message – Tweets, headlines, emails, website, videos, apps, magazines, events, speeches and more.

Which Marketing Message Prevails? Quick Quiz

Marketing messages that win the deal help customers see their unconsidered needs and challenge the status quo, Tim Riesterer says.

Message Map Anatomy
Your main message becomes your home base, supported by 3 positive points.

3 Keys to Breakthrough Messages

To create a breakthrough message, make sure it has the right size, the right structure and the right resonance with customers. Here’s how.

One Company. Many Stakeholders. How Many Messages?

Companies need one main story, its umbrella message that tells all stakeholders – customers, employees, investors and influencers – what’s in it for them?

Umbrella business message
Your company needs one umbrella message that tells all stakeholders what’s in it for them.

Bring Your Message Home to Audiences

Make sure you drive your main message home to audiences. Use a powerful home base, says Tripp Frohlichstein, co-inventor of Message Maps.

Create A Great Marketing Message: Inquire Before You Inform

A great marketing message inquires about what customers need, informs them fully by answering all their questions, and inspires them to act.

Virgin Hotel Message Maps
Here’s a simple Message Map for the Virgin Chicago Hotel.

Storytelling Is Who We Are: The Storyteller’s Secret

The Storyteller’s Secret offers great lessons on how to create your marketing message. Storytelling is not something we do. It’s who we are.

With Message Maps, Intel Helps Simplify Product Positioning

To make tough, complex decisions that involve many decision-makers, skip PowerPoint. Crystallize the solution with a 1-Page Message Map, as Intel did.

The Right Message
The right message hits the sweet spot, where the needs of customers, investors and employees intersect.

How Message Maps Make Your Content Marketing Sing

A Message Map makes your content marketing sing, so your message is backed up by the choir – your executives, spokespersons, employees & influencers.

Simple, Streamlined Messages Succeed

To break through with customers, keep your marketing messages simple – one main point supported by 3 positive points. Use a 1-Page Message Map.

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