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Tag Archives: Famous Last Words

  • CEO's famous last words at France Telecom

    Keep the Human Heart in Your Message

    Without heart, everything may be lost. That hard lesson about messaging comes from the story of France Telecom and the famous last words of its CEO Didier Lombard. When consumers shifted to mobile phones, France Telecom went through gut-wrenching organization changes. Under its change program, the company laid off 30,000 employees. And it made 50,000 employees change jobs or work locations. This painful process […]

  • Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, out $20 million.

    Two Words That Cost $20 Million

    Two words cost Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson $20 million When you create a marketing message, it pays to speak the truth, say the right things and avoid the wrong words. Telling the truth is a great habit because: It builds your credibility. It leaves you nothing to hide. And it gives you less to remember. Always, always, […]

  • Tony Hayward's wrong words: "I'd like my life back"

    The Wrong Words End Careers

    Even the world’s most powerful people can hang themselves with the wrong words. Just 5 words felled BP CEO Tony Hayward. When a leader’s message backfires, careers and companies crash. But we can learn key lessons on what a successful message needs to do by examining messages that failed. The story begins with Hayward’s predecessor. In 2007 BP’s […]