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Our Most Popular Marketing Blogs in 2021

Top 10 most popular marketing blogs in 2021.

Happy holidays! Thanks for joining thousands of marketers who read the Simplify Marketing blog during 2021.

With your clicks, you’ve chosen our 10 most popular blogs. This year, you were most interested in our content on:

  • Message Maps
  • The Top 100 Questions and Answers on Content Marketing
  • Presentation Tips.

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keep content marketing always on message What is a message map?
You see what to say, say what you mean, and stay clear, concise, and consistent with a Message Map.

1. What is a Message Map?

Learn how to use a simple visual tool to help you communicate better. A Message Map helps you hook your audience in 7 seconds. You see what to say and say what you mean – so your message is clear, concise, and consistent.

Your 7-second message gives you a sound bite, social post, headline, email subject line, or elevator speech whenever you need it.


most popular types of content marketing
Blogs and short articles work for both B2B and B2C content marketing.

2. What Are the 3 Most Popular Types of Content Marketing? Which Are Most Effective?

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs research shows which form of content marketers use the most.

If you need to build awareness, educate audiences, increase loyalty or generate demand, this blog helps you get the job done.


top 100 Content Marketing Questions word cloud - tags
Marketers’ topmost concerns about content marketing are measurement, effectiveness, best practices, relevance, resources, strategy, and distribution.

3. The Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing, Answered

Marketers asked more than 2,100 questions about content marketing. We used artificial intelligence (AI) to prioritize the Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing.

Then we answered the top questions on organization, strategy, relevance, distribution, conversion, and measurement.



how to always keep your content marketing on message
In 7 seconds, tell people what’s in it for them and give them 3 reasons to believe.

4. How Can You Keep Your Content Marketing Always on Message?

It’s challenging to keep all your brand’s communications on message. How can you develop one unified message that addresses each audience segment and each customer type? How do you unify the company around one consistent message? Here’s how to use a Message Map to keep everyone on message.


Companies that do content marketing well
Pick the brains of 5 leading telecom CMOs.

5. 34 Marketing Ideas from Top Telecom CMOs

Learn from the playbooks of 5 top telecom chief marketing officers (CMOs).

This cornucopia of marketing ideas came out of a series of interviews with telecom CMOs from around the world — including AT&T, BT, Safaricom, Amdocs, TeliaSonera, and the Institute for Telecommunication Technology Management.



How to test a message infographic

6. Ten Ways to Test a New Marketing Message Before Launch – Infographic

Before you roll out your new marketing message, test it 10 ways to make sure your message comes through loud and clear to customers.

Give customers the answer to their question: What’s In It for Me? Plus 3 good reasons to believe in your message.



Virtual presentation - Woman conducting a dry run on camera before giving a virtual presentation.
Conducting a true dry run will ensure you’re prepared for your virtual presentation.

7. Presenting Virtually? Don’t Skip the Dry Run

Why not skip the dry run of your virtual presentation? Because the whole point of giving a presentation is to get your message heard.

Respect your audience by practicing, rehearsing, and conducting a dry run. They’ll be much likelier to hear – and act on – your message.


Sources of content marketing ideas
Need help to spark your business story? Here are 84 questions you can ask to help you brainstorm your business story.

8. 84 Questions to Spark Your Business Story

To ignite your brand’s story, start with the right questions about customers and the business. Use these 84 thought-starter questions to frame or advance your brand’s story.

The result? You’ll find a better message for your brand, enabling better marketing for your business.



the golden rule of speaking is respect your audienct
The golden rule of speaking: show your audience respect so they’ll listen to your story.

9. The Golden Rule of Speaking: Respect Your Audience

Nothing is worse than having to endure a presentation by an unprepared speaker. Speakers who don’t prepare, have illegible slides or break a host of other “rules” are not respecting their audience. And that’s just not okay. Because if you don’t respect your audience, they’ll never hear your story.


Marcus Sheridan & George Stenitzer
You can learn a lot from author Marcus Sheridan, who wrote a gem of a book: They Ask, You Answer.

10. They Ask, You Answer: Book Review

Learn a brilliantly simple approach to content marketing from Marcus Sheridan and his book They Ask, You Answer. Outfox and confound your competitors.

This book inspired us to gather 2,100+ questions on content marketing, use AI to analyze them, and answer the Top 100 Questions on Content Marketing.


Thank you for reading our top 10 content marketing blogs of 2021. We look forward to bringing you thoughtful new content in 2022!