Grateful to you and my content marketing gurus

Quotes from 12 content marketing gurus

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a special day to say thanks to the people we’re grateful for, such as:

  • You, a reader of my blog!
  • Our clients at Crystal Clear Communications!
  • Our business partners who help clients solve marketing problems!
  • Marketers who participate in my content marketing workshops!
  • Our families and friends who support us through it all!

I salute the top content marketing gurus by sharing a quote from each.

I’m sharing their Twitter handles too, since each is worth listening to, day to day.

Andy Crestodina @crestodina: Thanks for a great Content Jam conference in Chicago, your research on blogging, and the new edition of your book Content Chemistry:

How to win every marketing argument: Never bring an opinion to a data fight.”

Andy Crestodina: Never bring an opinion to a data fight
Always distinguish between data and opinion, advises Andy Crestodina.

Ardath Albee @ardath421: Thanks for your talks at Content Jam and Content Marketing World (CMW), and your ideas on buyer personas and storytelling:

Relevance is table stakes. Breaking through takes resonance.”

Ardath Albee
Ardath Albee applies buyer persona insights to create brilliant customer stories.

Tim Riesterer @TRiesterer: Thanks for your speeches at CMW and your ideas on how to create marketing messages, work with sales, and close complex sales:

When the products are the same, the better story wins.”

Tim Riesterer
Tim Riesterer helps marketers defeat the real enemy — the status quo.

Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer: Thanks for your talks at CMW and the idea of Content Shock:

This intersection of finite content consumption and rising content availability will create a tremor I call The Content Shock.”

Mark Schaefer
Mark Schaefer brings bold ideas on marketing, sales and competitors.

Lee Odden @leeodden: Thanks for your talks at CMW, your ideas on B2B content marketing and your vision of its future vis-à-vis public relations:

A slow merge is coming between PR and marketing. Integrated marketing communications are growing.”

Lee Odden
Lee Odden envisions a future where content marketing and public relations merge.

Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo: Thanks for your presentations at Content Jam and CMW, and your encouraging marketers to embrace constraints and take risks:

Good marketers follow best practices. Great marketers craft their own. They do the unthinkable.”

Jay Acunzo
Jay Acunzo challenges us to embrace constraints and work like artists.

Ann Handley @annhandley: Thanks for your book Everybody Writes, your talks at CMW and your challenge to marketers to create better-quality content:

‘Wait, what?’ is an important strategic question for content marketing.”

Ann Handley
Ann Handley urges marketers to slow down and focus on quality.

Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi: Thanks for your book Content Inc., your leadership in establishing the field of content marketing, and your quote:

Be patient. Don’t give up too soon. Too many promising content-based businesses fail because they didn’t take the time to build a base.”

Joe Pulizzi
Joe Pulizzi got the modern content marketing movement going.

Andrew Davis @TPLDrew: Thanks for your inspiring talks at Content Marketing World and Content Jam, and your quote:

Make an appointment with buyers.”

You've got to see Andrew Davis speak live. You'll never forget it.
You’ve got to see Andrew Davis speak live. You’ll never forget it.

Rand Fishkin @randfish: Thanks for your talks at Content Marketing World and your philosophy on content:

Content marketing is a slow game.”

Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin not only says wise things, he makes me laugh.

Robert Rose @Robert_Rose: Thanks for your talks at the BMA-ANA Conference and CMW, and your ongoing wisdom: 

How much content do you need to produce? Produce the minimum amount of content to produce the maximum results.”

Robert Rose
Listen to Robert Rose for wise and practical advice.

Dr. Carmen Simon @areyoumemorable: for your book Impossible to Ignore and your insights into marketing, attention, and memory:

Do your customers remember the right 10%?”

Dr. Carmen Simon
Dr. Carmen Simon provides insights into how people pay attention and remember or forget your marketing message.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I’m grateful that each of you is writing, speaking and publishing as a content marketing guru.

You’re genuinely appreciated by marketers around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!