B2B Content Marketing: Top 7 Blogs of 2014

The hot content marketing topics in 2014 were messaging, measuring and matching content to buyers’ needs. 

The B2B Content Marketers Blog’s most popular 2014 topics were:

  • Messaging How to create consistent messages for content. Stay on message while managing the challenges of many buying personas, business units, content creators, and continents to cover.
  • Content marketing start-ups How you can launch a new content marketing program and build a foundation for success.
  • Matching content to buyers’ journeys Buyers seek specific content at each step in the buying journey. Since they prefer different media at each step, a blog can’t close the deal all by itself.
  • Measuring content marketing success How to drill down to the most meaningful performance metrics. Which metrics matter most: to you – and to your executives.
  • The role of content Looking through the eyes of customers, how does your content show up? As a guru, guide, partner or helper? How to keep content consistent in its voice and role.

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Anatomy of a Message Map

The top 7 BtoB content marketing blogs of 2014 were:

  1. How to Deliver Consistent Content Marketing to All Buyer Personas. How can you ensure consistent messaging across multiple buyer personas? This case history shows how we used message maps to build a foundation for Tellabs’ content marketing.
  2. How Does A B2B Company Start Content Marketing? If your company or organization is new to content marketing, here’s how you can start up a program and get it going faster. Make the most out of your content marketing with this jump-start.
  3. How to Keep Content Marketing Always on Message. Keep your messaging clear, crisp and consistent. How to manage messaging challenges such as varied opinions about what the message should be, multiple audiences, many content creators, and organizational and geographic silos.
  4. 5 Steps to Map Content to the Buyer’s Journey. How can you best understand what BtoB buyers need? Here’s research on exactly which media B2B buyers prefer during each step in the purchasing process.
  5. How Do Content Marketers Measure Meaningful Web Traffic? And Get the Credit? How can you improve content, measure performance, and demonstrate its value? Get the credit for the sales you ignite.
  6. Is your content marketing a guru, guide, partner or helper? To customers, does your brand show up consistently as a guru or guide, partner or helper? What’s the right role and voice for your content?
  7. 5 Ways to Speed the Buyer’s Journey from Content to Cash. How can you speed up revenue that starts with content marketing? Based on my presentation at Content Marketing World 2014.

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Happy New Year!

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