make someone happy leap from negative to positive

Will your content make someone happy today?

Make someone happy today with positive messaging.

Positive Messaging During the Pandemic

Positivity is hard to come by in the wake of COVID-19, and the mainstream media certainly haven’t helped spread it. In addition to being great for emergency management at the onset of the coronavirus (e.g., where to get tested, what ordinances are in place), your content can spread emotional and psychic positivity during these times, which people want to see right now.

Marketers, you have the opportunity to make someone happy today!

Social media for social good is relevant and salient right now. Events like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have stuck in our heads for a decade, thanks to social media. Even on a much smaller scale, when influencers and businesses share just a little bit of good during these unprecedented times, it’s good for all parties involved.

Where to Find the Good News?

There are some silver linings surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, such as more family time. In contrast, friend time has shrunk.

Being able to share content from within your household at a much greater rate can help your friends and extended family members get life updates while also seeing some good things are happening during the lockdown. With less travel and commuting, the environment in many place has improved since COVID-19, as reduced travel-related emissions help Mother Nature.

For a steady dose of good news, follow and share things from the Good News Network, or a number of other “positivity only” periodicals. That’s one way to make someone happy today.

Corporate Social Responsibility

While your social media audience may not be related to a corporation (say, if you’re an influencer), the mindset of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an even better in hard times. When companies take responsibility to help people, the planet, products, and communities, it helps them stay in business by winning over customers’ and employees’ hearts and minds.

Your company might focus on local CSR initiatives such as park clean-ups or Black Lives Matter (BLM) marches. It might focus on reducing the environmental impacts of product manufacturing and delivery. Or it may provide volunteer support and significant contributions to relevant nonprofit organizations.

Helping your audience stay informed about things that affect their community, whether COVID-related or not, is one way to “give back.” You can help out your neighbors without having to leave the house! And you’ll make someone happy today.

Social Marketing to make someone happy today

Social marketing can be another path to positivity.

A good example of social marketing is the TRUTH commercials from the government, aimed at getting people to stop smoking. It’s someone saying, “Hey, this is bad for you!” and “Don’t do it!” Do you provide messages that promote community interests on social media?

Your social marketing message certainly does not have to be negative, all about what not to do. Scenarios like, “Hey, they are giving out free hand sanitizer at Walgreens,” can have a positive effect, by simply sharing information with your audiences. That’s how your content marketing can make someone happy today.


Come up with successful positive messaging by using the ideas above, or your own.

Simply asking whether your content will make someone happy today is a great mindset to have. It’s a good question to ask as you test your message, particularly in a time when so few people are able to stay positive on their own.