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Does your content provide buyers a clear path?

5 Stepping Stones To Content Marketing Success

Salespeople no longer guide the buyer’s journey. BtoB buyers do 2/3rds of the buying process online, and only 1/3rd with sales, says Sirius Decisions. That’s why content marketing must make a buyer’s path clear. Imagine that the buying process is like crossing a river on stepping stones. Take one step at a time. From your buyer’s perspective, the path […]

Leonardo da Vinci worked from notes.

5 Ways Notes Strengthen Your Content Marketing

When you work on content marketing, do you take notes? I find that taking notes makes your content marketing stronger. That’s why I always bring a notebook to work. Here are 5 ways notes can improve your content marketing: 1. Notes assure accuracy. Ask your information sources to check over your notes before writing a […]


3 Lessons In Content Marketing From The Farmers’ Market

Just a few blocks from home, we have a great farmers’ market on Sunday mornings. The market’s growing fast; it’s twice as large as last year. I found 3 lessons for content marketers at our farmers’ market. 1. Listen to the intent behind customers’ questions. Last year’s market had one bread baker; now we have many. […]