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How do you get content marketing the credit for moving the sales needle?

How Do Content Marketers Measure Meaningful Web Traffic? And Get the Credit?

At Content Marketing World, I invited content marketers to ask questions about How to Speed the Journey from Content to Cash. One great question was: How do you measure meaningful web traffic? And give content credit? First, let’s parse the word “meaningful.” Meaningful to whom? To executives, what’s meaningful are these measures: marketing-qualified leads sales-accepted […]

Technical buyers have different needs from economic and green buyers. Here's how to keep your content marketing relevant.

How to Deliver Consistent Content Marketing to All Buyer Personas

How should content marketers address different personas? Two roads can be taken: 1.) Some content marketers prepare separate message documents for each buyer persona. But, in effect, they also create an ongoing chore of coordinating all the separate messages later on. 2.) Others create one overall umbrella message, then deliver different facets of that message to each of the multiple buyer personas. I […]

Use content marketing to lead the buyer through 4 steps in the buying journey.

Content Marketing: Magnify the Problem, Spur Buyers to Act

The weakest link in BtoB marketing happens on the first step in the buyers’ journey. In step 1, buyers try to figure out whether they have a problem. They ask, is it serious? Or can we just stick with the status quo? Content marketers must help buyers recognize problems and size them up. Help buyers […]