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How do you keep customers coming back? Understand the buying journey, map content to it.

What Content Marketing Appeals to Customers? What Brings Them Back?

Customers hunger for content that’s relevant, credible and clear. Ensure relevance by basing content on real customer questions. Canvas sales, telemarketing, customer service, your website, news and trade media, social media and other sources to collect customer questions. Scoop up questions that customers raise in retail stores, satisfaction surveys, focus groups and other research. Listen for […]

See through buyers' eyes, offer what buyers need for the journey, focus on results.

How does a B2B company start content marketing?

Start where you are. Adopt the right mindset: See the world through the eyes of buyers. Each company has different assets and strengths that can fold into content marketing. Build on those strengths, rather than starting over again. First, collect insights on buyer personas. Collect the best information about your buyers, prospects and customers. Work […]

Message maps make your story and strategy clear

How to Keep Content Marketing Always on Message

It’s one of the toughest parts of any content marketing job. How can you keep your message consistent when you: Address multiple audiences, such as customers, partners, distributors, employees, analysts, reporters and investors. Work with various bloggers, agencies, spokespersons, writers and videographers creating content. Create content in separate business unit, geographic or department silos that […]