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Message maps make your story and strategy clear

How to Keep Content Marketing Always on Message

It’s one of the toughest parts of any content marketing job. How can you keep your message consistent when you: Address multiple audiences, such as customers, partners, distributors, employees, analysts, reporters and investors. Work with various bloggers, agencies, spokespersons, writers and videographers creating content. Create content in separate business unit, geographic or department silos that […]

Here's how to convert content users into paying customers

Content Marketing Question: How to Link Content to Sales?

I got so many questions on how to link content to sales at Content Marketing World that I couldn’t answer them all. For the next few weeks, I’ll blog answers to these questions. “Is it ever possible to attribute a direct link between a particular sales outcome and any piece of content?” Absolutely, yes! Here’s a story about how […]

Make the next step clear for customers in content marketing.

Content Marketing World: Speed the Journey from Content to Cash

“Speeding the Journey from Content to Cash” was my talk at Content Marketing World 2014. Thanks to the CMW team for putting on a good program, and to the standing-room-only audience for your persistence! Speeding the buyers’ journey takes the right mindset, the right questions, bold insights and inventive answers. Today I’ll share: a link to […]