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Helpful content marketing answers buyers' questions.

“How Do We Know if We’re Being Helpful, if Our Content Marketing Answers Customers’ Questions Well?”

Use analytics to see how helpful customers find your content marketing. Look for: Which pages are most well-read on your website? Which pages are read by people who spend the most time on your site? What’s the path through the site for readers who look at 5 or more pages? Which social media posts generate the most traffic? What forms of content are being consumed most – videos, … [Read More...]

Where marketing is going: content marketing

How to Find the Right Clients Ready for a Content Marketing Journey?

“How to find the right clients ready for a content marketing journey? So you don’t waste time having to educate them from Square 1." That’s a question I received at Content Marketing World. Everyone wants clients who “get it” immediately. And many clients do. They’re the clients everyone’s chasing, so expect brutal competition to win such clients. Also consider: the clients who are already … [Read More...]

See through buyers' eyes, offer what buyers need for the journey, focus on results.

How Does A B2B Company Start Content Marketing?

Start where you are. Adopt the right mindset: See the world through the eyes of buyers. Each company has different assets and strengths that can fold into content marketing. Build on those strengths, rather than starting over again. First, collect insights on buyer personas. Collect the best information about your buyers, prospects and customers. Work with sales, distributors and … [Read More...]