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Isn't it time for content marketing to take on a revenue quota?

Why Content Marketing Needs A Revenue Quota

Tough times: the company’s revenues were down, and the marketing budget had shrunk. I knew we could produce revenue with content marketing, but I didn’t know how much. And I couldn’t prove it. So I went to my boss and said, “If we could hire a manager of demand generation, I know our existing content marketing would generate revenue. I’m sure we can do it. I just need you to approve a … [Read More...]

Add content marketing to make your brand a helper

Content Marketing Turns Transactions into Relationships

Use content marketing to make your brand into a helper. Helper brands stand out, even in crowded marketplaces such as One key to making content marketing even more powerful is to be crystal-clear about your brand. What exactly is the brand's relationship to customers? Is it a guru, guide, partner or helper? Imagine that your brand is going for a walk with a brand-new customer … [Read More...]

Helpful content marketing answers buyers' questions.

“How Do We Know if We’re Being Helpful, if Our Content Marketing Answers Customers’ Questions Well?”

Use analytics to see how helpful customers find your content marketing. Look for: Which pages are most well-read on your website? Which pages are read by people who spend the most time on your site? What’s the path through the site for readers who look at 5 or more pages? Which social media posts generate the most traffic? What forms of content are being consumed most – videos, … [Read More...]