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See through buyers' eyes, offer what buyers need for the journey, focus on results.

How does a B2B company start content marketing?

Start where you are. Adopt the right mindset: See the world through the eyes of buyers. Each company has different assets and strengths that can fold into content marketing. Build on those strengths, rather than starting over again. First, collect insights on buyer personas. Collect the best information about your buyers, prospects and customers. Work […]

How do you get content marketing the credit for moving the sales needle?

How Do Content Marketers Measure Meaningful Web Traffic? And Get the Credit?

At Content Marketing World, I invited content marketers to ask questions about How to Speed the Journey from Content to Cash. One great question was: How do you measure meaningful web traffic? And give content credit? First, let’s parse the word “meaningful.” Meaningful to whom? To executives, what’s meaningful are these measures: marketing-qualified leads sales-accepted […]

Make sure your content marketing converts buyers into customers.

Content Marketing Question: How to Link Content to Sales?

I got so many questions on how to link content to sales at Content Marketing World that I couldn’t answer them all. For the next few weeks, I’ll blog answers to these questions. “Is it ever possible to attribute a direct link between a particular sales outcome and any piece of content?” Absolutely, yes! Here’s a story about how […]