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Be ready even in a crisis.

Having a crisis response plan is essential in today’s world—where every event appears online in minutes. Yet only about half of companies have a crisis communications plan and trained spokespeople ready to go.

Can you anticipate and evaluate crisis risks?

Is your organization prepared to communicate quickly – internally and externally – in a crisis?

How we help you win

  • workshops - Message maps


    We help your organization develop a response process and crisis communications plans.

  • training with message maps


    We fully prepare your spokespeople by rehearsing likely crisis scenarios.

  • coaching with message maps


    Get the follow-up you need to respond to a crisis.

  • Consulting

    We get you fully prepared with a robust crisis communications process, assessment of risks, and communications templates to address various crisis scenarios.

Get to the right story faster with hands-on workshops.

  • 2-day Workshop

    Our custom workshop helps you succeed as you:
    • Anticipate crisis scenarios and prioritize them by likelihood and severity.
    • Apply a proven step-by-step process to manage a crisis.
    • Frame a crystal-clear, concise, consistent story on a Message Map.
    • Prepare crisis communication templates.
    • Rehearse spokespeople to prepare them for multiple crisis scenarios.
  • 1-day Workshop

    Our custom workshop helps you:
    • Anticipate and prioritize crisis scenarios.
    • Walk through a proven step-by-step process to manage a crisis.
    • Prepare messaging and rehearse spokespeople.
  • 1/2-day Workshop

    We help spokespersons prepare for a specific crisis:
    • Frame your message, anticipate reporter questions and practice answering them.
  • Coaching

    Customized coaching helps you get your story heard as you:
    • Respond to an anticipated or unfolding crisis.