Happy New Year! What will you do to be happy and healthy in 2024?

Happy New Year to all our readers! I hope you had a happy and healthy holiday season and start to your new year.

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to reflect on the year to see if there is anything I’d like to do differently in the year ahead. For me, 2024 is going to include more “me time.”

We’ve all read similar articles and research. When you take enough time to take care of yourself, it makes you a more productive employee and strengthens your relationships. Yet so many of us don’t follow this advice. We (and by “we” I mean I) get caught up in work, social obligations, etc., and before we know it, we haven’t left enough time for ourselves.

I didn’t set out to get more time for myself in 2023. I set out to escape part of the dreaded Chicago winter. And after a few days alone with more time to myself than I’ve had in years, I finally realized the value of “me time.”

Of course, when I returned home it didn’t take long for work and life duties to pile up again. So, as I did my yearly reflection, I vowed to ensure I get enough me time in 2024. So far that includes escaping some of the Chicago winter yet again, but also blocking off times on my calendar to get more time for myself.

What will you do differently in 2024 for a happier, healthier you? Whether it’s getting enough me time, trying to be more productive between meetings (second on my list), or reaching out more to your family and friends, the new year is a great opportunity to make positive changes.

Here’s to us all being happy and healthy in 2024!

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