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    Content Marketing: Old Idea or New?

    It seems like a shiny new toy. But content marketing has been in practice for centuries. Content Marketing Old Idea or New? – Helping people before you sell Benjamin Franklin published Poor Richard’s Almanack in 1739 to promote his printing business. Among the content nuggets he created: “A friend in need is a friend indeed!” The idea behind content […]

  • Buyer personas deliver crucial insights for great content marketing.

    3 Reasons To Create Content Marketing From Customer Questions

    Most communications and marketing consists of statements. So how can content marketers add questions to improve buyers’ understanding of content? Open-ended, thought-provoking questions make a buyer wonder. As copywriters know, great questions intrigue buyers, trigger their imaginations and pull them towards your viewpoint. Helping customers imagine a different future – rather than the status quo […]

  • Content audits enable you to outsmart competitors

    Communicating With Technology Plus Humanity

    It’s fascinating: how humans use new technology to communicate. When humanity meets technology, there’s a lot to learn. Communicating With Technology Plus Humanity – Magic and Surprises This purpose of this weekly blog is to explore what happens where technology, communications and human behavior intersect. What unexpected behaviors pop up? How do we balance technology with […]