Are your employees on message?

Employees are your best brand ambassadors. It’s critical that they understand and engage with your message, so they can clearly tell your story.

But how do you train your employees on your message in a way that it sticks?

Simply making a Message Map and showing it to your employees is not enough. Research suggests that people need to hear a message at least 5 to 7 times before they remember it.

Here are some ways to ensure your employees are on message:

Unveil your message at an all-company meeting

To highlight its importance, show your message to all employees at once. Take the time to walk your employees through the message. Have several leaders speak so team members see that leaders know and engage with your message.

In addition to walking your team through the new message, show how it comes to life in content. For example, show before-and-after examples of website copy, social media posts, emails, and pitch decks.

It’s also important to leave plenty of time for questions, as the questions employees ask will show you how well they understood the message and where they might need more information.

And, of course, record the meeting, as it’s almost impossible to find a date and time that every single employee is available to attend.

Ensure leaders cascade the message

After the all-company meeting, work with people managers to include the message in their next departmental meetings. Doing this both reinforces the message and shows employees that their direct department head is engaged and on board.

Create a learning course on your message

Since people need to hear messages several times before they stick, unveiling your message once is not enough. It’s a good idea to record a webinar or LMS (learning management system) course on your messaging.

To help make your message stickier, include a quiz at the end of the webinar that employees must pass. Require all current employees to watch the webinar and pass the quiz, and add it to your onboarding program.

Display message reminders

Keep your message in front of employees as often as possible. Deploy screen savers and virtual backgrounds with your message. If you have physical office locations, print posters and hang them in prominent places.

Create a rewards program

Once you’ve unveiled your message in an all-company meeting, mention your message in every company meeting going forward. Try making it fun by asking questions about the message and giving prizes to employees with the first correct answers.

Reinforce your message over time

Keep your message front and center in employees’ minds by continuing to provide examples of it in use. Examples include sharing news articles that pick up your message, showing employees how many people engage with your message on social media, trade show booth designs, and new ad campaigns.

Ensuring your employees understand and are engaged with your message can help your brand and revenue over time. This work puts you ahead of competitors, since 3 out of 5 employees don’t know what their company stands for, Gallup found.

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Employees engaged with your message are your best brand ambassadors (image by kroshka__nastya on Freepik).